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rod accessories

rod accessories

1.pulling eyes and rod ends.
This is has been adopted in every set of duct rodder.
Pulling Eyes are used for tying wire or pull tape to the end of the rod or used as a leader. They screw directly onto the rod end and are supplied with the rod.
Rod ends are  used as a means of attaching accessories to the rod.

2.splice connectors
the connectors are used to repair a break in the rod. they can be directly screwed or glued to the rodder.

3.flexible connectors
This product is used for connecting two sets of rodders, when the duct rodder in used, for example, if the 250 metres are not enogh, then use this part, you can add another 150 meters  or 200 metres or 100 metres duct rodder to the  250 meters rodder.after using it, the two sets duct rodder can be seperated again.

4.roller guides
the roller guides is used to push through conduit with cable aleady in place.the rollers prevent rod from wedging in under the cable as they rotate on hardended shoulder bolts.


5.rod grapple set
The two parts have been adopted in the duct rodder with trolley on wheels.
they help clean the conduit.

6.flexibel guide
flexible guide are usded for leading the rod around tight bends.